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brdfest2Yes, there is a lot to look forward to in 2015 as far as planning your HFBF weekends is concerned. New for 2015 a Saturday/Sunday Weekend Package in addition to our 4-day Weekend Package and of course our 8-day Festival Package.The up-coming program brings back popular leaders and  introduce new leaders and events.

An exciting blend of the familiar and new will be the highlight of the festival when the program is first revealed on-line ( January 15, 2015 and on this blog.

Yes, January 15 is when you’ll get a full description of each event so you can begin pre-planning your HFBF weekends and be ready for on-line registration February 1, 2015.

Remember, some events sold out within the first few days last year, so pre-selection will help you secure the hikes and presentations you want…like our well-attended in depth birding programs.

Now that the final program is at the printers we can tell you that Michael Carlson, Judith King, Kerry Jarvis, Doug Pedwell, Mark Wiercinski, Justin Peters, Mike Burrell, and Larry Lamb, to name a few, will be back. Newcomers Sarah Rupert from Point Pelee and Scott Taylor (who is a Post Doctoral Associate at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology), Willy Waterton, Audrey Armstrong and others will join them.

And for those who have been asking, Birding 101 is being introduced for all those who want to start learning how to watch birds.

Our Banquet speaker is Dr. Doug Tozer, Ontario Program Scientist, Bird Studies Canada, whose topic is LESSONS FROM LOONS: WHAT OUR WILDERNESS SYMBOL IS TELLING US.

New for 2015 – Parallel to our regular program we now offer an exciting new FAMILY WEEKEND. It features family-oriented programs and activities on the Saturday and Sunday of the 2nd weekend of the Festival.  You and your children will witness Bird Banding and be able to Learn Birding 101as a family friendly activity. There are Afternoon Outdoor Adventures for the children, Nest Box Building, Pond Exploration, Birds of Prey from Wild Ontario and a Campfire Program.

That’s a brief look at what’s in store at HFBF.

The full program will be available on-line January 15th 2015 on the Friends of MacGregor website at: and right here on this Blog 

Registration starts on February 1st 2015 at:

Check out this video for a closer look at the festival:

Be sure to mark your calendars with next year’s dates…22nd May to 25th May and 28th May to 31st May 2015.

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Recognized as One of Ontario's Top 100 Festivals

Recognized as One of Ontario’s Top 100 Festivals




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Micael Carlson - looking and listening.

Michael Carlson – looking and listening.

Michael Carlson is an internationally recognized field ornithologist and a popular HFBF leader. The Huron Fringe Birding Festival welcomes him back in three special events that are sure to showcase his scouting talents and patience and, as always, enhance your birding experience.

If you want to learn how to listen to and identify bird vocalization then IS IT A BIRD OR YOUR MNEMONIC ? (B11) on Friday May 30, beginning at 6:00 am should be on your list. Its a field workshop on the Tower Trail where Michael will have you listening for orioles, woodpeckers, warblers, flycatchers and waterfowland more, all under his expert guidance.

The highlight of the festival happens on Saturday May 21 starting at 6:00 am…its the infamous BIG DAY ON THE BRUCE (B17). If you’re serious about birding, you won’t want to miss this full day of birding; a true morning to night birding marathon on the Bruce Peninsula. Bring you lunch, snacks and a walking dinner…you’ll be out and about for a while.

Finally, on Sunday June 1 at 8:00 am, Michael will take you SEARCHING FOR STRAGGLERS – MacGREGOR’S LATE MIGRANTS (B34). He’ll be guiding you to select spots in MacGregor for breeding birds as well as late spring migrants, such as Yellow-bellied Flycatcher and Gray-cheeked Thrush. Its the last day of the Festival and a great way to  see who flew in at the last minute.



michael3Michael Carlson has over 45 years of experience in the field identification of birds. He is an expert at identifying birds by sound and has led workshops in birding by ear at the the Huron Fringe Birding Festival for many years. Michael was a member of the elite Canadain team KOWA, which won the E.S. Stearns Award in 1989/1992 and the coveted Urner Stone Cup in 1992 at the New Jersey World Series of Birding. From 2002 to 2005 he conducted bird density surveys on the Bruce Peninsula for the Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Ontario (2007). Formerly from Rochester, New York, Michael spent his formative years birding the Lake Ontario shoreline. In the early 1980s he was biologist-in-charge of studies examining the utlization of urban microhabitat by avian migrants and the collision of nocturnal avain with tall buildings in Rochester, New York, and Detroit, Michigan. Michael organized the Letchworth-Silver Lake, New York Christmas Bird Count for 30 years. He also developed bird identification and nature appreciation programs, including training for Christian youth camps in Michigan. Professionally, Michael is an environmental consultant providing regulatory compliance and wildlife management services to industry. In addition to frequenting the Brue Peninsula, Michael regularly birds Point Pele in Leamington, Ontario, the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas and southeastern Arizona. He has also birded in England, Isreal and Costa Rica. Participants of his tours and field trips have praised his bird finding abvilities and his identifcation skills,

(Bio courtesy Bruce Bird Tours website)

Michael 2

Michael and company from the 2013 HFBF Archives


MAY 23 to MAY 26 – MAY 29 to JUNE 1



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