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The 20th Huron Fringe Birding Festival has come to a Close.

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Many sunny days and fantastic leaders helped the participants of the 2017 festival see or hear 180 species of birds this year. The feedback we received will help organizers make the 2018 festival an even better event.

HFBF 2018 card S.jpg

The second weekend of the festival highlighted many of the birds that stay in the area to nest and raise their families. As many of us saw, nests were being constructed in some locations and young birds were already showing up in other locations. This time of the year is a very busy time for the birds as they fly north, pick a partner or join up with their original partner, build a nest and raise their families.

Sandhill cranes S.jpg

There were still beautiful birds to be seen by the participants as they hiked through the wilds of Bruce County finding new birding locations to visit and new wonders of nature to appreciate.

Rose breasted grosbeak S.jpg

Our festival bird, the American redstart was singing its heart out as it showed up often to entertain the birders and their binoculars. The female redstarts were busy building nests and the males were protecting their territory as they flitted about overhead.

Redstart S.jpg

This year there were several Black-billed cuckoos seen moving from tree to tree checking out the numerous tent caterpillar nests in the fruit trees. Although the cuckoos are quite quiet a few posed for photos before flying off to hide in a distant tree.

Black billed cuckoo S.jpg

Even the Chimney swifts cooperated and gave several groups a fly-over as they were enjoying their lunches and the sunny weather.

Chimney sweep 1S.jpg

The Bobolinks come all the way from Argentina for our festival and never failed to entertain the hikers as the birds trilled their happy tunes.

Bobolink 1S.jpg

These are just a small sample of the birds that showed up for the second weekend of our event to make the photographers as well as the birders enjoy each day.

Next year as you can see from the following line card our speaker for Saturday dinner will be Michael Runtz. Plan to come out next year and enjoy his talk as you enjoy a wonderful dinner and the companionship of others who love birding and nature in general.

HFBF 2018 card flip S.jpg

Thanks for making the 20th Huron Fringe Birding Festival a VERY special event indeed and come on out next year for even more fun in the wilds of Bruce and Grey Counties.

Remember to check out the links under the ‘Blogroll” heading of this blog to keep up to date with the birds and events in this area during the year ahead.


Hope to see you all again next year and don’t forget to tell your friends all about our festival!

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June 11, 2017 at 3:40 pm

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The Festival is Keeping the Birders Entertained!

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The festival has started and the birds are being discovered!! My wife and I are registered for action on every day of the festival and so far the birds and weather are certainly cooperating.

The first day with Michael Carlson guiding us along we saw 105 species of birds and although the morning started out damp and overcast the birds did show up !

Red headed woodpecker.jpg

This Red-headed woodpecker was one that although distant did give us a good view as it was deciding waht to do. Even if there was a bit of a lull in the action the rain from the previous day made for a few good photo opportunities as this columbine shows.


In one of the hardwood areas we managed to watch as an American redstart was busily gathering nesting material. Some birds are migrating through the area but others are setting up living quarters and are intending to stay and raise their young right here. Attending a guided hike and seeing the start of another generation of birds in the area is a wonderful way to spend a few days.

Redstart making nest S.jpg

The second day we went out Mike Burrell looked after helping us see many other birds and several species we hadn’t seen previously. Every trip through the Bruce peninsula seems to uncover more birds and more natural beauty as we learn of more places to revisit at various times of the year. The Grasshopper sparrows were willing to sit up and sing for us rather than skulk away in the long grass.

Grasshopper sparrow S.jpg

The Eastern bluebirds were getting ready to set up a home but they couldn’t quite decide which bird box appealed to them most. As they made up their mind they gave us, who love to capture the moment a chance to do just that and show them posing in all their glory.

Eastern bluebirds S.jpg

On we went and new adventures awaited us. As the group trudged down the path from the Wiarton sewage lagoons after seeing a few birds on the water Mike noticed a kingbird that was quite a different color from the Eastern ones it was flying with.

Western kingbird 3 S.jpg

A rare visitor from the west, this Western kingbird got the crowd going as it flitted from tree to tree and had people doing their utmost for a photo to document the occasion. It was indeed a special opportunity to see a bird that seldom visits the area. Later on in the day as we visited Malcolm’s Bluff area east of Wiarton a Hooded warbler did come out to greet us and provide the group with some neck bending activity as we tried to follow its path through the forest canopy.

Ligjhter hooded S.jpg

Sunday we started the “Bird Til you Drop” day with Michael Carlson and after a few stops to pick up some of the local birds we were treated to a Michael Carlson special. His keen ears picked up the call from a Kirtlands warbler just as we were ready to head to Sauble Beach and VERY quickly the schedule changed. Due to the bird calling regularly we were able to track it down and get some nice views of this visitor to the area that breeds almost exclusively in the Jack Pine tree area of upper Michigan.

Kirlands warbler 1S.jpg

It was going to be hard to top that bird for the day but others did give us a great view and gave us photographers a chance to document some of the birds that we saw.

Chestnut sided S.jpg

One of the Piping plovers from Sauble beach posed for us before taking up his nest duties as he changed over with the female. They now have 4 active nests in Sauble Beach.

Piping plover S.jpg

It’s nice to see these birds coming back a bit despite the challenge faced with predation of the Merlins, gulls and crows. As the day wound down we visited Isaac Lake and got views of the Sedge wren and a nice nest that the Yellow warblers were still building.

Sedge wren S.jpg

It appears that this Yellow warbler has been very busy and possibly adding more to the nest as it makes another layer to cover up possible eggs laid in its nest by Brown-headed cowbirds. The cowbirds love to have another bird raise its young but the Yellow warbler has figured out one way to possibly foil the plans of the cowbird.

Yellow warbler nest S.jpg

These warblers are very busy as they contionually bring more nesting material to make their home the most comfortable in the area.

yellow w.jpg

Monday brought more sunshine and more birds. The weather has certainly cooperated and it appears that it will again be perfect for the second weekend of the festival. With James Turland leading us on a hike in MacGregor Park we saw several Black-billed cuckoos, Indigo buntings and also a bird advertising “Quick three beer” 🙂 . The Olive –sided flycatcher can certainly be heard as it calls for its beer !

Olive-sided flycatcher.jpg

Raptors were also out and two Broad-winged hawks gave great views as they cruised the air currents overhead. Some of these hawks breed near here but many are on their way north as they cruise the skies over Bruce County.

Broad winged hawk S.jpg

As you can see the birds are out and with the great weather next week there will still be lots to see and lots to entertain the birders and photographers. There are still some spots left so come on out and see what the Huron Fringe Birding Festival has to offer. There are some great leaders with a few spots left to give you some GREAT birding opportunities.



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May 29, 2017 at 5:48 pm

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It’s Time to Venture out and Enjoy Nature and our Spring Birds !!

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May is always an exciting month and often offers us a variety of weather as well as a variety of chance meetings with nature as the woods and grasslands wake up from their winter rest! The birds are migrating north to start another generation and the ponds and fields are alive with signs of other wildlife starting out their families. It’s a great time to enjoy this renewal of nature before summer and its heat calms down the activities a bit.

If you haven’t joined in with any of the wonderful guided hikes that the Huron Fringe Birding Festival has to offer there is still a bit of time. Several of the first weekend hikes are full but there are a few spots left and some also left on the second weekend of the festival. Check it out at the following address and expand your knowledge of nature as several of our excellent leaders can give you a great head start on your quest to learn about the world around you.

James Turland, Martin and Kathy Parker, Marshall Byle, Henrique Pacheco, Peter Middleton, Ian Shanahan, Justin Peter, just to name a few, would love to point out some birds, and answer other questions you have about our wonderful world of nature. It’s a great opportunity to take a few hours and get a bit of exercise, possibly a few nice photos and experience the camaraderie with others who enjoy the same type of exposure to the wonders of Bruce and Grey Counties.

Orchard oriole S.jpg

Come out and see the birds in their colourful spring feathers, explore a bit of the area that you seldom see, learn about trees, reptiles, amphibians and whatever nature has to offer. We’re looking forward to seeing you and giving you an experience you won’t soon forget :).

Yellow lady slipper S.jpg

Check out the link above and give us an opportunity for us at the Huron Fringe Birding Festival to give you some great knowledge and entertainment!

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May 19, 2017 at 8:57 am

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Birding MacGregor with Ian Shanahan

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MacGregor Park is a haven for a wide variety of warblers, vireos, water birds and many other species during the spring migration. There are many of these birds still present during the second weekend of the Huron Fringe Birding Festival and having a knowledgeable leader like Ian Shanahan leading two of the events gives you a great opportunity to search some out. Check out Ian’s profile on the festival website and you will see that his love of birding will benefit anyone lucky enough to get on one of his hikes.

Ian Shanahan.jpeg

Come out and see what birds Ian can point out for you as he takes the various trails of MacGregor Park. The warblers are in their best dress at this time of year and can be much easier to spot as they flit from branch to branch searching for insects.

Canada warbler 2S.jpg

Around the park there are a variety of habitats to suit each warblers needs and Ian will be able to tell you what you could possibly see along the various trails covered on his two events. The birds are at their best in the mornings and both of Ian’s hikes are morning hikes. Get your binoculars, get your questions and enjoy a mornings walk in the park.

Blackburnian warbler 2ES.jpg

To register for Ians events go to the registration page of the Huron Fringe Birding Festival and sign up for a great time looking for those beautiful feathered friends.

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April 25, 2017 at 2:02 pm

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Family Programs at the Festival

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Spring is a time to get outside and enjoy the sights and sounds the natural world has to offer. What better way is there than to take your children or grandchildren and teach them about nature and how to preserve and treasure what we now can experience in our area. The Huron Fringe Birding Festival is much more than just about birds and has several interesting events that are geared towards young learners who want to enjoy what nature has to offer.

The events have knowledgeable leaders and cover subjects such as, Tracks and Scats (identify animal tracks and droppings), Take a Peek at the Beak (learn about shapes and types of bird beaks), Sciensational SSSnakes (a hands-on experience with reptiles and amphibians), Dyes from Nature and Spinning Wool (create a Tie-Dye bandana and also your own wool spindle to take home with you) and Frog Frolic (check out some ponds for species of frogs and toads).

These events cover a variety of nature knowledge and help give kids a much better understanding of the importance of nature in each and every day of our lives. They are FUN and INFORMATIVE!!!

Tree frog.jpg

Bring out the kids and everyone can have fun and enjoy some of what nature offers!

Check out the schedule at: and don’t delay as some of the events are filling up!

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April 6, 2017 at 2:46 pm

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Tree ID with Jim Coles

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How often have you walked through a forest looking at the young as well as the mature trees wondering just what kind of tree they were? In the two events Jim is leading in the festival he will show you how to identify those trees using the twigs and leaves and also show why specific trees grow in specific soil and sunlight habitats. Going for a walk through the woods is fun but learning about the woods you walk through is even more satisfying.


Since birds live in and near trees you will probably also see and hear several species of birds along the way and knowing what species of trees are around will also help you know what species of birds will be inhabiting the area. In one of his hikes Jim will take you through his property and talk about forest management while on the other hike he will talk about the trees around the visitor centre and due to habitat why these are the species of trees that grow here.

Jim coles photo.jpg

Trees make up a large part of the natural environment and if there’s something you want to know about them, Jim is the person to ask. Check out these half-day hikes on the afternoons of Sunday May 28th and Monday May 29th and really let your knowledge of trees start to blossom.


Check out the events at :

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April 4, 2017 at 3:50 pm

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The Big Sit with Margaret Anderton

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How often have you gone to look for birds but have them fly away from you as soon as you approach closely enough for a good view? Often it’s better to find a good bird habitat and sit down and wait for the birds to feel comfortable to have you included in their world. At home I find that when I go outside the birds head for the farthest tree to hide but after sitting for a few minutes those same birds come back quite close and don’t mind my presence as long as there are no fast movements.

Therefore we have a relaxing appropriately named event…The Big Sit…!!

Margaret is an excellent and knowledgeable birder and as you can see from her Bio a member of the Bruce Birding Club. If you aren’t up to some longer times hiking the trail, and have some time for a nice relaxing Friday morning to enjoy some birds check this event out.

Bring your binoculars, bring your camera and bring your lawn chair for an enjoyable way to bird and partake of what nature has to offer.

Follow this link and look for The Big Sit on Friday morning June 2 2017.

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March 31, 2017 at 3:48 pm

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