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Soon the Fun Begins with May Just Ahead

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It won’t be long now as April winds down until the Huron Fringe Birding Festival is in full swing. Events are certainly filling up but there are still some events with great leaders that have some room for you or a friend to join in the fun. Leaders like James Turland, Pete Read, Kiah Jasper, Abby Collins and more would love if you could join them on the events they are leading that still have a bit of room.

Recently a few species of warblers have begun to arrive in the area and the initial shorebirds have started showing up around some of the ponds. When the weather starts to warm more in May and June many more of these migrating birds will arrive for a visit or to get ready to raise a family right in the area. It always a challenge to get a view or a photo of these bright birds as they zip through the trees looking for bugs or follow them as they head to their nest site hidden in the trees or foliage of the area.

Cape May Warbler

The thrills of seeing birds, visiting with birding friends, trying to spot that “first of year” bird are all parts of the festival that keep people coming back each year. It’s a place to learn, to enjoy and to see nature at its very best as Spring encourages the forests and grasslands to come alive with birds, animals and the green of new growth. Take a day or two or even more out of your busy life to wind down a bit and relax with friendly folks on a hike through the wilds of Bruce and Grey Counties. You wont regret it. If you don’t already have a link to the website here’s where to start your adventure.

Huron Fringe Birding Festival – Huron Fringe Birding Festival

On the Search for Those Elusive Birds

These days I notice more of our winter birds filling up at feeders or disappearing from the area entirely as they head to the far north where they raise their families. On days when the temperature rises a bit, bugs can be seen clustering together and hiding in trees providing the much-needed food that the newly arriving birds will need. It’s these early signs that get you eager to find that new bird in the yard or flying overhead. One by one new species will appear, and the numbers will steadily climb as May progresses.

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

If you’ve already signed up for some events spread the word to some of your friends that there are still some spots available on some very interesting hikes with very knowledgeable leaders. Give them the opportunity to experience this birding and nature fun provided by this the 25th Huron Fringe Birding Festival. Looking forward to seeing lots of you out enjoying some fresh spring air, fresh spring birds and all that goes with nature as it is renewed this Spring.

Our Mascot the American Redstart


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April 24, 2023 at 9:58 am

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