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Getting Ready for the 20th Festival.

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Hello all you Followers and of course anyone that enjoys just dropping by to catch up on the Huron Fringe Birding Festival information. As the “S” word is now coming up in weather forecasts (Snow or Squalls) it’s time to enjoy the snow if you are so inclined but also to start planning your spring activities. It would be wonderful if you could include us in your plans and block off May 26-29th and June 1-4th 2017 in order to come on out and enjoy the 20th Huron Fringe Birding Festival. It actually includes much more than just birding so when the Schedule of Events is finalized check it out and see what events you would like to participate in. It’s always a great time to see spring birds in their finest plumage, take photos of any subject that decides to stick around long enough to zoom in on, meet new friends or renew acquaintances from past years and just enjoy whatever nature has to offer!!

This year we’ll have former leaders returning to lead some events, new leaders and new events to select from and of course many of our favourite leaders to lead events that always seem to turn up many species of birds and other wildlife to enjoy and learn about. There will be more information regarding leaders and their love of the outdoors as the spring approaches and this blog is updated 😉

The Huronfringefest blog has links on the “Blogroll” that will help you see what’s happening in this area as well as some of the other close counties to give you an idea as to what you might see while in the Bruce-Grey area. Even as the flakes of snow fall it’s always great to think about spring and the wonders of nature that appear as the ice disappears and the winter snowmen melt ;). Check out our blog to see what has been seen in past Huron Fringe Birding Festivals as well as some information already available on leaders and the fun people have had participating in the festival.

It can be this blog, links to other blogs or links to other naturalist group websites that will give you some interesting reading over the winter months and show you what might be in store for you during the time spent at the Huron Fringe Birding Festival and in the area in general. Last year Snowy owls even stuck around until the middle of June and could be seen at some of the events.

In order to have an idea as to what birds are possible in the area you can go to the eBird website and “explore data” in the “region” of “Bruce” or “Grey” to see what birders have been seeing now or at other times of the year. There are various search criteria and it’s a Very good database to be able to access for birding information in other locations in the world as well. If you are in some warm place this winter (other than beside a warm stove like us) take a few minutes to become familiar with eBird see what’s happening “back home” :).

Most people now have data tablets or cell phones and an excellent app to have is “Audubon Bird Guide” App. You can set your location and quickly see what birds have been seen in a 30 mile area around you and also what rare birds have been seen in that area (using the button for “Find Birds with eBird”). Using this app you can also see what the birds will look like in spring and even check out their sounds so you’re all prepared when you head off on one of the Huron Fringe Birding Festival events 😉

Now that I’ve talked about birds and nature so much I think I’ll sign off and head out to see just what might be hiding in the hedge or what might have just blown in on this wind today. Hope to see many of you in the spring at the Huron Fringe Birding Festival and until then keep an eye on this as well as other local blogs so you’re prepared for all the fun ahead.

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November 19, 2016 at 2:56 pm

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