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Bring a pencil and notebook.

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B27 Sarah Rupert – Field Sketching and/or Journaling – Saturday June 4 at 1:30 PM


“One the best things we can do to learn more about nature is to really take the time to observe what we are seeing in the field. This is where a nature journal becomes and invaluable tool. By taking the time to make careful observations and record these observations, we begin to really understand what we are seeing, rather than just checking a name off a list. Sketching what we see can take our observations to an entirely new level! Everyone can learn to sketch in the field – the quality of the final product is not important – it’s the process of observing and recording that really matters. Nature journaling documents your adventures and helps you hone your observation skills. Everyone can keep a nature journal, even if you think you can’t draw. Join me and I will show you some easy tricks to start sketching and really observing nature in the field. We’ll take some time to talk about different types of journals, from field notebooks to sketch books, from digital notes to art journals. Then we’ll head out into the field and have some fun with the some easy sketching exercises – you’ll be surprised what you’ll be able to capture by the end of the session.”

Sarah has been birding her entire life. She hasn’t missed a spring at Point Pelee since Birders enjoy festivities at Point Pelee | Essexher first visit at two and half months old. At three, she received her first pair of binoculars, and she credits her Dad, a well known birder, as being her birding mentor, and in honouring his memory and legacy, she has been and continues to be a birding mentor to many others – introducing them to birding, or helping those established to hone their skills.

Sarah has spent many years exploring the wonder of birds and nature, which she loves to share with others through interpretive programs, writing and mixed media art. She eagerly awaits the arrival of spring and birders to Pelee each spring.

B27 Sarah Rupert – Field Sketching and/or Journaling – Saturday June 4 at 1:30 PM

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