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Mark BinocsMark Wiercinski is an original (in more ways than one). He has been leading HFBF events year after year with the same passion and enthusiasm as he did on his very first hike…but with more (or less) gray hair. If you haven’t signed up for any of Mark’s popular events…do so now. They fill up fast. His rambling humour in the field is not to be missed. We asked Mark what he would sign up for if he wasn’t busy leading three events himself. Here’s his inside look at his favourites. You might want to register for his recommendations yourself.

“What would I attend? says Mark….

Anything with Willy Waterton…He is just too good of a photographer to pass up and he has a lot of very good local history and passion for the place here.”

Willy Waterton ww copyA10 (NEW) 8:15 pm SUNSET AT THE HURON SHORE – Willy Waterton – Most people go inside after the sun sets but this is when some of the most stunning light occurs. This workshop will give you tips on taking images of the setting sun and twilight using your smartphone to DSLR. If you have a tripod, bring it along.

A38 8:00 am THE BRUCE RE-BECKONS – Willy Waterton takes you on a quest to rediscover Sherwood Fox’s Bruce Peninsula, based on his landmark 1952 book The “The Bruce Beckons”. You will spend the day exploring Fox’s Bruce to see what still exists after 63 years.

B2 (NEW) 8:00 am MORE OF THE BRUCE RE-BECKONS – Willy Waterton – icontinue his quest to rediscover Sherwood Fox’s Bruce Peninsula, based on his landmark 1952 book “The Bruce Beckons”. You will spend the day hiking and exploring Fox’s Bruce to see what still exists after 63 years. This trip involves more hiking than A38.

“Lyle Freisen’s Key Note presentation should be good and you get a meal to boot and umm wine ! duh ! Gotta go to the Saturday night show.”


A23 4:30 pm SOCIAL 5:30 pm BANQUET & PRESENTATIONLust & Domain: An Exploration into Why Birds Sing Dr. Lyle Friesen – Recent advances in the field of bioacoustics have revealed that birds communicate in highly sophisticated ways. The mysteries of the dawn chorus, a sublime avian phenomenon, will be highlighted. Champion singers, those with the most complex songs, the largest repertoire or that are marathon singers, will be identified. (St. Joseph’s Parish Hall, Port Elgin, Roast Beef Buffet, vegetarian option available). (Early Bird Price – $40 extra per person – after April 15 or for banquet/presentation only – $50 extra per person). Casual, bar available, pre-registration required, silent auction. Contact registrar by May 1 with dietary restrictions. (limit 110)

Brewer6“I am always drawn to the mist nets/banding demos and whatever is in the nets.I am addicted to the data and the hands-on part of it. I would be a lousy participant though…would have to get my hands in there

BIRD BANDING – 6:00 am to noon – weather permittingSaturday May 26 – Sunday May 29 – Saturday June 4 – Sunday June 5


Bob Gray“Bob Gray’s way with Geology. He can make anything interesting .. and he is pretty darned smart too.”

B10 7:30 am A GEOLOGICAL JOURNEYBob Gray – Exploring spectacular caves, deep gorges and a scenic broad glacial re-entrant valley along the Niagara Escarpment in eastern Grey County. (difficult, car pool, bring lunch) (limit 20)

“The Dragonfly/Damselfly and The Spider Programs. I need to brush up on them. I have tried to get better at them. I suspect they would keep me going. And spiders have pretty twisted sex lives…bondage and stuff.”

2015 John Reaume photo

A33 1:30 pm DRAGONFLIES & DAMSELFLIES John Reaume – Damselflies and dragonflies are members of the order Odonata meaning “toothed ones” which reference their awesome mouth parts. We will attempt to capture some of them in butterfly nets for closer examination. (easy, car-pool, bring binoculars/cameras/butterfly nets/field guides if you have them) (limit 20)

A36 (NEW) 7:15 pm SPIDERS OF EASTERN NORTH AMERICA – John Reaume – Spiders have a bad reputation but in reality they are fascinating creatures. John will talk about their unique anatomy and interesting behaviours. Webs are not just for catching prey! Learn how to observe them. Understanding spiders will make you appreciate them more – it’s true! (indoors) (limit 60)

“The Wild Ontario demo that’s part of the Family Weekend. Anything with hawks is awesome.”

IMG_1359.JPGFAM5 1:30 pm SPEED, STRENGTH & STEALTH: ONTARIO’S RAPTORS – Wild Ontario – Ontario is home to some of the most amazing hunting birds on the planet! Come get nose-to-beak with these stunning predators, and learn about the incredible skills and abilities that help them do what they do. (outdoors)

“And Mark Peck’s programs…his dad is a legend and the apple didn’t fall far from the tree for Mark…smart guy…lots of talent and manages the biggest database of bird stuff in Eastern Canada.”

Mark Peck

B18 6:30 am BIRDING THE BEYOND – Mark will travel backroads and byways beyond the Park boundaries searching for various habitats and their niche birds. Knowing Mark, an expert on “nidiology”, you’ll find a nest or two also. (easy, car-pool, bring lunch) (limit 20)

B37 8:00 am NEST QUEST – On a leisurely walk in the park, Mark will show you how to take your love of birding to the next level. Find out how citizen scientists provide valuable conservation information while expanding their observation skills and learning about the nests of breeding birds. (easy, car-pool) (limit 20)


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