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Tonight at the stroke of midnight, will be February 1 and registration for the HFBF begins.

The heads up is, if you want to get into some of the spots that sell out quickly you should go on line as soon as possible after midnight and sign up. Here’s a list of the hike leaders and presentations that were sold out in the first few The names that sold out quickly were: Mark Wiercinski, Michael Carlson, Fred Jazvac, Judith King, James Turland Alfred Raab and Mark Peck. Mark Weirchinski was full by noon hour on the first day. His hike as been doubled up and the chances of getting on one should go up a little.  

For details of the events and other information log on to:

Go to the the green tab and pull down the schedule of events, or any other information on the festival that you are interested in.

Set your alarm clocks! And happy registering.


Good luck. 

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January 31, 2016 at 7:45 am

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