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Bird Banding was one of the highlights of our Family Weekend.


It was the one place where children could actually see, touch and learn more about birds. And David Brewer was as attentive with the kids as he was with the birds. Probably because David started birding at their age; when he got his first bicycle, at about age eleven.


He got his master bird-banding permit at seventeen. By profession he is an organic chemist, with degrees from Cambridge and Glasgow. Much of his spare time in Scotland was spent banding Gannets and has the scars to prove it. After graduation he did a years’ fellowship at the University of Arizona, from where he made many forays into Mexico, thereby starting one of his major interests, Neotropical birds. Since retirement from Uniroyal Chemical in Guelph he has spent his time travelling (to all seven continents), guiding on Polar cruises  (he’s been to Antarctica twenty-five times and the North Pole three) and writing bird books, including a birders’ guide to Central America. His main interests are bird conservation, banding and migration.



He was asked if the bird was a “boy or girl”. He demonstrates a sure fire way to find the quick answer. Blow on its belly and see what you find.


Give them a moment and they’ll be gone. No harm done.


Take off time. See you all next year. You’ll recognize me by my band.


MAY 27 – MAY 30 AND JUNE 2 – JUNE 5 – 2016

All photographs courtesy  of Norma Nanni and her IPad. 

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  1. You didn’t have to be a child to enjoy bird banding. Just a child at heart with an interest in birds! Thanks to David for his interpretive banding technique.


    Norah Toth

    June 1, 2015 at 9:03 am

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