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Fern Habitat

On Saturday, May 30 at 8:00 AM, Brett Woodman will be WALKING FOR THE FERN OF IT. Brett will introduce you to natural areas along the escarpment where hunting for ferns will also lead you to a variety of interesting habitats. His birding and wildflower identification skills will help to enhance this all day field trip.

You can still register for his hike (B20). Join him as he searches our local countryside for ferns and more.

Brett is an ecological consultant and lives in Kitchener with his wife and three sons. Growing-up, Brett spent his summers in Southampton at his Grandparent’s house. His love of the outdoors is a result of his time here along the shores of Lake Huron; early on building tree forts and biking through the woods, later, birding and botanizing these same areas. As a result MacGreor Park and more broadly the southern Bruce Peninsula became a special place for Brett. It is in this area that he really explored his interest in birds and plants.

He specializes in bird and plant surveys. Brett is a distant member of the Bruce Birding Club. As a volunteer, he participated in the second Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas, and now has a Breeding Bird Survey route near his in-laws in Sarnia, Ontario. He is also an ecological advisor for ‘rare’, the largest urban green space in Canada which is owned and managed by the Cruickston Charitable Research Reserve in Cambridge, Ontario.

Brett has three young boys who are quickly finding their own love of the outdoors through their family adventures as they continue to explore the southern Bruce with Brett.


One of the 100 Festivals in Ontario for the second straight year. The Only Birding Festival in Ontario to earn this distinction

The Huron Fringe Birding Festival is One of the Top 100 Festivals in Ontario for the second straight year. The Only Birding Festival in Ontario to earn this distinction.

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