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Mark BinocsI try to contain myself around these festivals…but inevitably I get too darned excited and just get carried away…I am the bird geek extraordinaire y’know. There. You have been warned. If you want that kind of goofy on your bird hike…then pick me. Be quick though. My one open event – B31 – 6:30 AM – May 31 – DEBATING THE ISSUES – BIRDING BAYVIEW TO BOGNORonly has two spaces left. So, Two Key Words…Register Now:

Invasive species, forest fragmentation, hedgerow removal and wetland modifications are all happening at unparalleled speeds in Southern Ontario. You got questions? Concerns? What issues are affecting the bird populations in Ontario.? Need to know more? Curious about what consequences can be? Well I am too and have plenty of questions all the time. Keeps me up at night actually.

So this hike is going to be a work in progress and a dynamic sort of theme no matter what. The premise is to take on the issues and investigate the situations. Are there answers to all of the problems and questions? I doubt it.

Mr. W. being serious.

Mr. W. being serious.

Bayview Escarpment is a Provincial Park… Bognor Marsh is a public owned Conservation Area with a diverse working group that is involved with the management and access to it. The route between the two places is through farm country and privately owned areas. There are roads and wetlands and towers and fields and forests and waterways and lots of things to consider.

Do you wonder how the future of our environment is going to play out? Have you noticed changes you don’t like or understand? Are there successes in ecology and wildlife management? Or should we re-title that “human management?” Are parks good for you (?) or are they a pain in the butt? Do you like alternate energy? Should we be driving cars on bird friendly trips? Or maybe there is no such thing as eco-tourism!

Heck, if that doesn’t get you fired up a bit..then skip this one. (Did I mention that there are only two spaces left?) I really just want to make you think a bit beyond the identification and lists of birds and birding. Birds will be the background theme here for certain, but the bigger picture and the science and ecology of things will be the more interesting topic. I am not out to piss anyone off and I really don’t want to start any political debates…I just want you to know why birds are a good part of science. My mom taught me years ago not to get too involved in politics and religious differences. I took that to heart and I always do my best to keep an open mind. And we all need to listen to what our mothers taught us. Birds do give us insights into what happens in the natural world and really that is my hope here. Let’s talk about the birds ‘n all that.

Mr. W. practicing his snake charming technique.

Mr. W. practicing his snake charming technique.


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