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Heather Starrs and MacGregor Point Provincial Park are well acquainted with each other.



After completing her Honours Degree in Biology, with a focus on wildlife biology and ecology, at Trent U and then earning her Teaching Certificate at Brock University, she worked at MacGregor from 1988-1997, and again in 1999.

Heather was responsible for all Visitor Centre programming, summer students and volunteers. She assisted with the organization of the first Huron Fringe Birding Festival, spent 6 years on the board of Friends of MacGregor, and was manager of the Huron Fringe Shop for several years and editor of the Spotted Turtle Newsletter.

Heather’s programming interests included carnivorous plants, spiders and wildflowers. Currently she spends her time with her “four wonderful children,” and volunteers at the school and church.

When the weather allows she likes to venture out on her bike with her camera to search for local wildflowers to add to her photo collection.



Here’s how Heather describes her event – WILDFLOWERS: HISTORICAL FACTS & FICTION – B13 – 1:30 pm – Friday, May 30

Legends and superstitions are attached to many common and not so common plants found at MacGregor. Our walk will introduce you to some and their stories. My hike will be leisurely and informal. I have stories, poems, mythology, medicinal and biological information for many wildflowers we may see as well as a few herbs, trees and shrubs. I welcome any stories and information that others on the hike might like to share.”

Stripped Coralroot

Stripped Coralroot 

Dwarf Lake Iris

Dwarf Lake Iris 

Red Trillium

Red Trillium

Yellow Lady-Slipper

Yellow Lady-Slipper



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