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  A Special Presentation by Justin Peter – B29 – Saturday May 31 – 7:15 PM


The Strait of Gibraltar and Morocco beyond.

Each autumn, millions of birds that breed in Europe migrate to Africa to spend the winter. The trip is not necessarily a direct one, since many birds will avoid crossing the Mediterranean Sea at all costs. The Strait of Gibraltar in between Spain and Morocco represents the shortest distance between the western half of Europe and Africa and consequently Spain acts as a ‘funnel’ for hundreds of thousands of these birds.

Snake Eagle

Short-toed Snake Eagle

The Strait is an ideal location to study migratory patterns of European birds as well as changes in their populations. In 2010, Justin Peter volunteered for a non-profit organization that monitors bird migration there, with a particular interest in raptors and other soaring birds. In his illustrated talk, he will shed some light on the mysteries of bird migration across the Strait of Gibraltar and on his experiences there.

Justin truly lives “for the birds”. In fact, he cannot remember a time when he was not interested in birds and nature.

Justin & Snowy

He spent much of his childhood consulting his considerable nature book collection. At age 14, a family friend invited Justin to attend the birding course he was teaching for adults as part of the local school board’s continuing education program. He soon assumed the role of unofficial assistant in the classroom as well as co-leader and, later, leader of the field excursions.

After university studies that saw his interest in nature fall temporarily to the wayside, he soon re-directed his interests to the outdoors, landing work as a seasonal, and then full-time interpretive naturalist at Gatineau Park, a federally managed park in Quebec near Ottawa.

Three years later, he began full-time work as Senior Park Naturalist at Algonquin Park, where spent almost 7 years, organizing the park’s educational programming based at the Visitor Centre, recruiting and mentoring promising young interpretive naturalists, and assisting with various park management activities.

Justin joined Quest Nature Tours in 2013 as Director of Programs, where he continues to apply and expand his interests in wildlife (including birds, of course!) On the side, Justin has participated in various bird-related projects. He married his interests in birds and in languages by participating in a migration-monitoring program at the Strait of Gibraltar in Spain.

He also did a stint as a bird-banding assistant at the Observatoire d’oiseaux de Tadoussac in Quebec. His very favourite thing will always be leading bird walks. He is particularly interested in bird behavior and vocalizations, and enjoys raising others’ awareness of these aspects in the field.

Justin Peter – The Strait of Gibraltar: A Bird Migration Hotspot – B29 – Saturday May 31 – 7:15 PM

ALSO – B32 – Birding the Tower Trail – Sunday, June 1 – 6:30 AM.  Justin guides you on a hike along the Tower Trail and the Ducks Unlimited Pond from both the viewing tower and the bird blind. The habitat is a mixture of wetlands and hardwood  forests.


Come see what he is looking at. Justin counting raptors at the Strait of Gibraltar.

Come see what he is looking at. Justin counting raptors at the Strait of Gibraltar.


Huron Fringe Birding Festival  - Recognized as One of the Top 100 Festivals in Ontariobrdfest2

MAY 23 to MAY 26  & MAY 29 to JUNE 1



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