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May 24 isn’t that far away!

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As I gaze out my window at my ice-bent birch tree, I’m reminded of the words poet Robert Frost once wrote:

“…Often you must have seen them / Loaded with ice a sunny winter morning … they click upon themselves / As the breeze rises, and turn many-coloured / As the stir cracks and crazes their enamel. / Soon the sun’s warmth makes them shed crystal shells / Shattering and avalanching …such heaps of broken glass to sweep away / You’d think the inner dome o heaven had fallen…”

April has played the trickster card weather-wise so far. We all woke up to an ice-crushed landscape with trees, shrubs, bushes, lawns and fields, each wearing a crystal coat after a night of frigid early spring rain. All of which tells us that nature is full of surprises.

A Jim Punnett photograph.

A Jim Punnett photograph.

Happily, though, we know that true spring weather is coming soon. MacGregor Point Park will soon be green, the wild flowers will be in bloom and birds will be busy. Hopefully you are well-registered with The Huron Fringe Birding Festival to be there and be part of one of North America’s premier Birding Events. Here is a brief list of some of the open activities you might be interested in. Check us out.


May 24

A7 – Birds do it. Bees do it…and so do plants – with Richard Aaron. Flowers have different ways of ‘getting the job done.” Discover many of the diverse strategies plants employ to get pollinated.

May 25

A17 – The Wonderful World of Weeds – with Richard Aaron. Learn the “good side” of weeds – how they have been used for food, medicine and inspired inventions.

A18 – Managing Water – with Adrienne Mason. Join Adrienne on a hike through nearby river restoration projects where the interface of man, water and nature will be explored.

May 26

A26 – “Ears On” Birding. The emphasis is on listening to the songs of MacGregor Point Park birds.

A27 – Photographing Birds – with John Reaume.  A discussion of equipment and techniques for bird photography plus visits to the bird blind, the Ducks Unlimited Pond and the nearby lakeshore.

 A30 – Bird Watching from Soup to Nuts – with Fred Jazvec. Many of the fundamentals in a birder’s journey through the stages of beginner, intermediate and advanced, are covered in this workshop.

May 30

B4 – Relaxed Nature Walk – with Minerva Cook. A walk past Pitcher Plant Marl to the Day Use area north of the Visitor Centre to explore plant and bird diversity.

B5 – Identifying MacGregor’s Tree Species – with Joe Watson. You visit Turtle Pond and Algonquin Campground to learn about tree species and identification ‘keys’ in various habitats common to the Huron Fringe.

May 31

B9 – My Camera and Me – Focusing on Nature – with Jen O’Reilly. Discover the magic of light while taking dynamic, scenic, wildlife and close up photography. Learn and practice techniques professionals use.

B13 – Plants, Legends and Folklore of MacGregor – with Heather Starrs. Heather’s walk introduces you to the legends, stories and superstitions attached to many common and not so common plants found at MacGregor.

June 1

B18 – Bayview Escarpment – Coffin Ridge Vineyard and Winery – with Mark Wiercinski. (See our Blog “Hiking & Wine Tasting – The Perfect Day”, March 8.) Crevice caves, Hart’s Tongue Fern and Barred Owls are all found within this Nature Reserve Provincial Park. And wine tasting after an invigorating hike is a great way to end the day.

 B20 – Legends of the Forest – with Heather Carscadden. Stories, legends and myths from around the world about the wonderful world of trees that surround us.

B22 – How and Where to Photograph Frogs and Toads – with Kerry Jarvis. (See our Blog “A Conversation with Kerry Jarvis”, February 1.) Learn where to find elusive frogs and toads, along with tried and true techniques that will help you capture these amazing, miniscule creatures.

B24 – Puzzled By Sedges – with Bill Crins. “Sedges have edges, rushes are round and grasses are hollow right up from the ground”. Sedges are an important species in the forest understory, but their field identification can be shallenging. Bill will tell you how to tell them apart.

B25 – GPS Scavenger Hunt – with Heather Carscadden. (See our Blog “And Now For Something Completely Different”, March 13.) Learn GPS basics and how GPS technology works; then use your knowledge to find hidden caches in a fun nature trivia scavenger hunt.

June 2

B31 – Birding South Bruce – Kincardine and Point Clark – with James Turland. Enjoy a birding adventure looking for spring migrants along the side roads of Southern Bruce County.

B35 – Woodland Trail – with Sarah Martin. A walk through a maple forest dune complex system located north of the Park between Port Elgin and Southampton.

B37 – Sunset Walk – with John Cummings. The Lake Huron shoreline offers some of the most spectacular sunsets in the world. It’s the perfect ending for your Huron Fringe Birding Festival experience.




This is what is only one of nature’s wonderful surprises waiting for you at the Huron Fringe Birding Festival.

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