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The Intrepid James Turland

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 Recently, James Turland led members of The Bruce Birding Club through some trying early spring weather in search of some good looks. It wasn’t a nice day, but James and Birders like him are a tough lot. Here’s Fred Jazvac’s account of the day.

James Turland

James Turland

“I would like to thank James Turland for his great effort in today’s bird hike. He led us to some excellent birds. The only flaw in his well-scouted plan was the weather. Arriving in Kincardine in the morning was like entering a different world. It appeared that winter was still at its peak.

Jamers and BBC die-hards

Jamers and BBC die-hards

Snow covered highways, high winds, squalls and snow everywhere.  For those of us who came from other areas, it was a surprise to discover what was happening in Kincardine. As the morning progressed the snow stopped and except for the high winds the world appeared normal again.”  

“Our journey started at Kincardine birding the sewage lagoons, the waterfront from Point Clarke to Kincardine and the harbor. Lunch was at the Erie Belle and from there to the southern boundary of Inverhuron Park, finishing at Baie Du Dor. In spite of the weather, James provided an enjoyable day for us. Thank you again, James and especially for filling in for Judith who broke a bone in her foot on a Caribbean Holiday. Our best wishes go to Judith on her operation tomorrow in Owen Sound.” 

BBC scopes scoping things out

BBC scopes scoping things out

“Fourteen of us got to share some nice surprises. The winds and the cold provided an atmosphere that made our highlights of the day even more enjoyable when we saw the birds coping with the weather. The delights included the Fox Sparrows who gave us good looks at the lagoons, our first Eastern Phoebe of the year struggling while foraging in a stream and the Killdeer, who near the waterfront, also struggled. Many Great Black-Backed Gulls and the Golden- Crowned KInglets were the few birds that didn’t seem to mind the conditions.” 

“The weather varied from snow squalls in the early morning, to overcast, to mixed sun and cloud. The winds were high varying from 20 to 40 K. The temperatures ranged from minus 5 to minus 1 C.” 

“We saw 47 species of birds* and surprisingly, the wind and the cold made our laughs even more enjoyable.” (Fred Jazvac)

Fred Jazvac Jim Punnett, Kincardine Lagoons

Fred Jazvac Jim Punnett, Kincardine Lagoons

 Throughout the Huron Fringe James’ reputation as a Birder extraordinaire is well known and respected. His hikes are always fun, funny, productive and memorable. James will be leading five events at this year’s Huron Fringe Birding Festival. They are:

• A3 – Birding the MacGregor Boundary. • A14 – The J/I Line – A Grassland Drive. • A35 – Birding MacGregor (Bruce/Saugeen Town line plus Viewing Tower and Bird Blind). • B11 – Birding MacGregor (South end of the Park). • B31- Birding South Bruce – Kincardine and Point Clark.

If you looking for a positive birding experience – James is your man. Check our website to sign yourself:

American Coot Kincardine Harbour

Killdeer – Kincardine

Fox Sparrow

Fox Sparrow

All photographs courtesy of Doug Pedwell 

 *Number of species seen – 47        

• Double-crested Cormorant (DCCO)

• American Coot (AMCO)

• Wild Turkey (WITU)

• Mute Swan (MUSW)

• Tundra Swan (TUSW)

• Canada Goose -(CANG)

• Mallard (MALL)

• American Black Duck (ABDU)

• American Wigeon (AMWI)

• Northern Shoveler (NOSH)

• Greater Scaup (GRSC)

• Lesser Scaup (LESC)

• Ring-necked Duck (RNDU)

• Bufflehead (BUFF)

• Common Goldeneye (COGO)

• Hooded Merganser (HOME)

• Common Merganser (COME)

• Red-breasted Merganser (RBME)

• Turkey Vulture (TUVU)

• Sharp-shinned Hawk (SSHA)

• Red-tailed Hawk (RTHA)

• Bald Eagle (BAEA)

• American Kestrel (AMKE)

• Mourning Dove (MODO)

• Rock Pigeon (ROPI)

• Killdeer (KILL)

• Ring-billed Gull (RBGU)

• Herring Gull (HEGU)

• Great Black-backed Gull (GBBG)

• Downy Woodpecker (DOWO)

• Hairy Woodpecker (HAWO)

• Blue Jay (BLJA)

• American Crow (AMCR)

• Eastern Phoebe (EAPH)

• Black-capped Chickadee (BCCH)

• Red-breasted Nuthatch (RBNU)

• White-breasted Nuthatch (WBNU)

• Golden-crowned Kinglet (GCKI)

• Dark-eyed Junco (DEJU)

• White-throated Sparrow (WTSP)

• Fox Sparrow (FOSP)

• Song Sparrow (SOSP)

• House Sparrow (HOSP)

• Northern Cardinal (NOCA)

• European Starling (EUST)

• Red-winged Blackbird (RWBL)

• Common Grackle (COGR)





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