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Steward Nut and Doug Pedwell tell us about their unique birding expedition to Tobago. It’s an indoor presentation focusing on the geography, people and wildlife of this Southern Caribbean island.’

They’ll tell you the full story about, “Cows, Cayman, Mud, Mangroves: Amateur Birders Introduction to Tobago”, in person, Monday May 27 at 7:15 PM.  But here, in their own words, is a brief preview of ‘Doug and Stew’s Excellent Tobago Adventure.’


“If someone had told us that we might end up like Michael Douglas sliding down the muddy side of a mountain in “Romancing the Stone” the word “nuts” (or Nutts) might have been used. However, after struggling to stay on a slippery path of clay and mud there might have been agreement that was about to happen. We did not slip into the abyss but we did have to watch each step as we slogged through the rainforest on a sunny day. The effort was worth it as we saw many unique plants and animals in this unique habitat.”


“Although we are both familiar with Rattlesnakes on the Bruce and are attuned to them, Caimans lurking at the water edge were a new challenge for us, those pieces of wood poking out of the water were either eyes or nostrils, best to stay a good distance away as we didn’t know how far and fast they could run up to or on land. What you have to put up with to see shorebirds!”


“After we started to plan out evening presentation, there was a moment of epiphany as we realized that we could have called this chat “Birding at the Bar”. Struggling through the mangrove swamps of Tobago in search of the elusive Mangrove Cuckoo, we caught glimpses as it flitted away, but on return to the resort what is sitting sunning itself on the back of beach chair but a Mangrove Cuckoo. All we had to do was turn around on the barstool. A visit to Tobago is something we can easily recommend.”


“This excursion was not on our bucket list but in hindsight it should have been. It is a trip we will not soon forget.” 


 brdfest2The 2013 Huron Fringe Birding Festival Program is now posted on the Friends of MacGregor Point Park website.

On-Line Registration for the festival opens February 1, 2013.

Brochures are available at MacGregor Point Provincial Park.

Please share this information with anyone who might be interested.



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  1. Great blog and love the photos


    January 25, 2013 at 5:39 pm

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