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We wondered aloud about that bird. The one that appears in the Huron Fringe Birding Festival (HFBF) logo, signs, ads, brochure and programs. You know, the American Redstart. How did it land there? And why?

Well, no one could tell us for sure. But, the speculation is that Setophaga Ruticilla (American Redstart) is one of the more ‘common’ birds in MacGregor Point Provincial Park seen relatively early in the park and surrounding area. That makes sense given that this colourful, acrobatic Warbler loves our deciduous habitat and the food source it supplies. The bird’s Latin name translates as red-tailed moth eater and true to its name the American Redstart likes to fan its wings and raise its tail to startle and flush out its prey. This action also shows off its beautiful colours. And birders will tell you that this makes it one of the easiest warblers to identify, Our American Redstart is a friendly bird, and the perfect spokes bird for HFBF.


If you read our very first blog you’ll recall that we covered a broad overview of HFBF 2013. The latest news is that next year’s program is close to being completed. We will be posting full details of the events once they are finalized.

We can tell you, though, just by looking at the first week alone (May 24 – May 27) that you won’t be disappointed.

You will be birding on the Upper Bruce Peninsula, the Escarpment Bluffs, the Tower Trail, Flowerpot Island, Cabot Head Provincial Nature Reserve and more. Details and event leader profiles will follow…soon.

Those first four days also include Caving, a Tree Hike, Archeology and Geology Hikes, Photography Workshops, the Wonderful Worlds of Wildflowers and Weeds to name a few.

Nor can we forget to mention the Banquet and special guest speaker Peter Middleton’s intriguing presentation Why Do Gulls Perch on White Rocks and Other Insights from Career in Ecotourism.

Lots to learn about and look forward to with more in-depth details as they become available. So bookmark, sign-up and follow this blog.

Online registration and a fee schedule will be available in February. So will more program updates. If you have questions regarding the Festival please contact the official registrar at or

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  1. Hi Ed: The blog looks great. And the Festival is shaping up to be another great event. As a co-chair of the Festival I am quite proud of the efforts of our volunteer committee to make the Festival such a success. Then we have other volunteers such as yourself helping to promote the Festival.
    Keep up the great work.
    Thanks: Jim

    Jim Duncan

    November 1, 2012 at 2:01 pm

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